FerTechInform is operated by the International Fertiliser Society – a forum for the dissemination and discussion of technical information about fertilisers and crop nutrition.
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There are two ways to use the FerTechInform site. Use the Knowledge Base as a reference library, or use the Fertiliser Forum.

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Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base covers a wide range of Fertiliser Production topics.

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Fertiliser Forum

Either search existing discussions, or ask a new question in our Fertiliser Forum.

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In the Knowledge Base there is a large amount of information about the practicalities of producing and handling many types of fertilisers and crop nutrition materials. You can find the information you need either by entering a word or phrase into the Search box on this page, or by browsing the Catalogue page. Individual topic pages contain links to related IFS Proceedings and recorded presentations, references,  external information resources, and Forum questions and answers.

In the Forum are questions that previous users have had answered, either by other users or by our panel of experts. These conversations are grouped into sections, while related topics are connected by tags. The panel of experts can only answer questions that relate to the topics currently covered by the Knowledge Base.

Note that you can choose to Search across the entire site, just the Knowledge Base, or just the Forum.

How to use FerTechInform