Benefits of K for plants

  • Tim Brawn
    2 years, 4 months ago #4420

    How does potash benefit plants?

    2 years, 4 months ago #4508

    You can read about this on the Potash – Introduction page. This says ‘Some of the specific effects of potash are to increase root growth; improve drought resistance by reducing water loss, wilting and respiration (maintaining “turgor”); and lower the plant’s energy losses. Potash helps form cellulose and reduce lodging (‘lodging’ refers to the permanent displacement of crop stems from their vertical position as a result of stem buckling and/or root displacement. It is most likely to occur 2-3 months before harvest and is associated with a reduction in yield and grain quality, as well as increased susceptibility of grain to mycotoxin-producing fungi.), enhances many enzyme actions, aids in photosynthesis and food formation, helps in the translocation of sugars and starch, helps increase the starch and/or protein content of plants, and helps retard crop diseases. It is sometimes called the “quality” nutrient because of these many beneficial functions. To attain maximum effectiveness, primary nutrients must be supplied to crops in essentially the same proportions as they exist in most plant life, where the ratio of nitrogen to potassium is about 2: 1.’

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